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Friday, November 13, 2009

Default router security settings… are dangerous

Yesterday I did a little scan (with SoftPerfect NetScanner) on port 80 using a range of public ips, I needed to find a colleague’s personal web site.
I didn’t find the web site but… I found some ips responding on port 80 (web servers).
I looked on one of those address with my browser and…
I saw this strange message: “The server at address Default Admin.=admin/admin requires a username and a password” .

Wow!!  This is security!!!!

Some genius has configured the name of the router administrative site using the name and the password, i think this is a default setting of the router (Kraun router).


I inserted admin/admin and here is the result: full access to the router configuration…


Be careful with default settings, they leave dangerous open ports in security!