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Friday, November 20, 2009

IE8 slow tabs opening, IE8 and ssvagent.exe investigation..

Today I’ve noticed that the opening of Internet Explorer 8 was too slow, 15-20 seconds… with the window blocked.


It’s a Microsoft fault?? Let’s investigate.

I Opened the Task Manager and I saw Cpu spikes for 20 seconds during the IE start:


With Sysinternals Process Explorer I’ve investigated the process detail, on every tabs opening there was a process that started and used the CPU for 15 seconds.. the process was a Sun Microsystems program, not Ms.


I Investigated the thread detail of the process and I found that the CPU activity was on a single thread:


The detail of the thread shown that the CPU problem was correlated with functions used by the Mozilla Plugins system:


Plugins? Let’s see the Plugin section in Internet Explorer, I found Java Plugin , and it was enabled and loaded:


Let’s try to deactivate it, close and open the browser and…image

Wow, now the start time is only 3 seconds, and this time is the same for the tabs opening. 


Hope it helps!

UPDATE #1 - 2009-11-23

As feranm wrote I should have checked the loading time of the plugin using the “load time” column in the plugin list.

But for this plugin the loading time wasn’t available:image

UPDATE #2 - 2009-11-23

In my office 4 users over 4 decided to use Firefox, they felt “Internet Explorer 8 is very slow…”
After the fix they were happy and started to use IE8 again.

Is Microsoft aware of this problem? Does Microsoft know that their product is felt by the users as “slow and unresponsive on startup”, and this bad feeling is caused by Sun Microsystems?