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Saturday, December 05, 2009

How to insert a Paypal button in your blogger posts footer

Connect to PAYPAL.COM


Click on Merchant Services


Look on the bottom of the page, click on "Buy Now Buttons"

Choose the type of payment, Donation in this case

Choose also currenct and a name that helps identifyng the payment



Click "Create Button..."

A new window appears with the HTML that configures the payments, copy the blue code:



Go to you blogger blog, select Layout, Chanege HTML


Save a backup of your model.

Click on "Expand widget model", this is fundamental.

Look the HTML code and find the "data:post.body" TAG, insert after this tag your PAYPAL html code.


Blogger needs well formed HTML, all the inputs field need to end with "/>" the closing tag.

Correct the missing closing tags.

Click on preview....and .. .thats all, now you have a paypal footer in all your posts.

image Don't forget to save the  model!!!

Hope it helps!

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