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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Howto Create Email Templates on Gmail

Today I discovered how to create mail templates using Gmail.

Following this procedure you will be able to send emails using a set of saved  templates.

  1. Go to GMAIL, click on the google labs image on the top right corner
  2. Find the “Canned  Response” function, here is how it looks like:
  3. Click on “Enable” and save the settings
  4. Create a New Email message
  5. Write your email template, next click “Canned Response” –> “New Canned Response”
  6. Click Ok
  7. Click “Compose New Message”, click yes if gmail ask you to discard the previous message
  8. Click on “Canned Response” –> Insert
  9. VoilĂ ! Here is your beautiful mail created from a template:

One question: why google doesn’t offer a TEMPLATE labs function?  Canned response is not too attractive and is a little obscure, in my humble opinion.

Hope it helps.. and I really appreciate your feedbacks!