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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Amazon WS EC2 free offer for 1 year… but pay attention…

Amazon has a great offer on his site: one year of free EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) with other free additional services, here is the great offer:



After the registration you will have the EC2 services and…. other payment service , like RDS, Dynamo DB etc..

You can create a free virtual machine with windows server 2008 and sql server… all for free for one year .. but…

if you enable for test one service like the RDS service the billing will start… 2 $ per day also if you only enable it

And I’ve done no operation and no transaction… only enabled it.


And here is the management console:


Great service… but pay attention!!!


The guys at Amazon are very smart  and today they have activated a free 60 days trial program for Amazon RDS:


You can activate the Monthly free trial using this page:

The prices will immediately drop to zero dollars: