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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

A controller for LEGO EV3 Mindstorms based on mobile iOS / Android

The LEGO group these days introduced the next evolution of its robotic kit: Mindstorms EV3.
There is a new controller lego "intelligent brick" based on:
ARM 9 processor with Linux-based operating system
On-board program storage Including 16 MB of Flash memory and 64 MB of RAM
Hi-resolution 178x128 pixel display
other improvements
Why The LEGO has not designed an adapter that can accommodate inside a smartphone based on the operating system ios/android?
The smartphone will work as a controller , the LEGO adapter may be powered by batteries in order to operate the servo motors, the input / output would be passed from the adapter to your smartphone and vice versa.
It would be beautiful if the controlling program could be developed using  eclipse development environment on linux or visual studio on Windows.
The cost would be lower ... the controller would be provided by lego fans..
Would not it be nice?
A LEGO controller that can communicate with the world .. send emails, communicate with web services,  with the displays of today smartphones.
Would not it be nice?
Here is my terrible Paint.Net prototype: Smile


  1. Ma l'hai preso? quanto costa?

    1. EV3 uscirà in autunno ... La tentazione è tanta... Vedremo!