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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

TIP : Visual studio Remote debugging on different domains

Hello, you need to debug a remote server, from your workstation, you configure all the things following Microsoft’s specs.. but , you realize that is a hell to configure remote debugging on two machine with different domains.
Here is a trick :
  1. Create a new LOCAL user on the target server, with administrative privileges.
  2. Enable this user to remote connection
  3. Create a new LOCAL user on your workstation, with the same username and same password and with administrative privileges..
  4. Connect to the target server using remote desktop with the new user (this will create the user profile on the server)
  5. Launch the remote debugger on the target server
  6. Go to options and copy the url of the remote debugger:
  7. On your workstation open in visual studio the debug window
  8. Type in the address edit box the value  NEWUSERNAME@TARGETSERVERNAME (you just copied it)
  9. VoilĂ ! The remote debugger should connect successfully to the target server.
  10. If you have any problem try disabling the firewall on the two machines.
You can skip point 4 , you can execute the remote debugger using the “runas” command. If you connect using remote desktop you will have the profile of the user created on the target server, and I think that this helps.
Let me know if this helps you.
Happy remote debugging!