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Friday, February 14, 2014

DNN 7 / EVOQ : update containers path using SQL query

Here is a little tip if you have configured a lot of modules with different containers and you need to change the name of the containers.

Three step operation:
  1. Find the containers you need to update:
    select * from TabModules where ContainerSrc like '%YourSkinName%' order by ContainerSrc 

  2. Update the container’s names:
    Old container: EmptyTestRed.ascx
    New container:EmptyTestYellow.ascx
    Skin Path: [G]Containers/YourSkinName/
    Query :

    update TabModules set ContainerSrc = '[G]Containers/YourSkinName/EmptyTestYellow.ascx' where ContainerSrc = '[G]Containers/YourSkinName/EmptyTestRed.ascx'

  3. Navigate to Host > Host Settings > Advanced Settings > Performance Settings and click on the “Clear cache” button.

Another option is to disable the DNN Cache, don’t try it , the CMS will become very unresponsive.

That’s all!